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Missing results / Fit to Fly / Documentation Errors

If you have not received you test results and/ or Fit to Fly certificate, or you have received them and there is an error, please complete the form below. (Please do check your junk mail or if you have an account, log into your account).

PLEASE NOTE we aim to deliver your results by 10PM the day AFTER your test.

Only use this form if it is past 10PM on the day AFTER your test and you have not yet received your results. You can also use this form if you have received your results and something is incorrect (e.g. name, passport number etc. or if your travel destination needs a QR code on your Fit to Fly certificate)

Email used for the booking
Please enter the booking reference for the primary person. Your booking reference will begin with 'CPT or SCPT'. Failure to provide your Booking Reference may delay your results.

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